ADR Relevant News

Title Date Source City
RTI has hit rate of 27%, finds study
22.10.2009 NEW DELHI
Muddo ka Maidan
On Cluttered Ballots of India, Families Proliferate
11.10.2009 The New York Times AMRAVATI
CPM minister appoints daughter-in-law as cook, promotes her as officer
10.10.2009 The Indian Exp Thiruvananthapuram
Lokayukta to CM: explain poll splurge
10.10.2009 Indian NEW DELHI
महाराष्ट्र के करोडपति नेताओं की धन संपत्ति का विवरण
08.10.2009 नई दुनिया
नेता मालामाल जनता अब भी कंगाल
08.10.2009 हमारा महानगर नई दिल्ली
नौ मंत्रालय ठप
07.10.2009 दैनिक भास्कर नई दिल्ली
Parties have women on mind, not on tickets
07.10.2009 The Indian Express Chandigarh
Jal Board engineer roughed up allegedly by MLA
07.10.2009 The Hindu NEW DELHI