January 2020
Date Title Source
14.01.2020 Haryana: 12 of 12 candidates with criminal background won... View
14.01.2020 41 out of 42 Ministers in Maharashtra Cabinet are crorepatis View
14.01.2020 Congress, BJP’s incomes surged ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls View
07.01.2020 The status of NOTA View
07.01.2020 64% of Maha ministers have criminal cases against them View
07.01.2020 'Today Google Knows More About You Than Your Spouse-... View
07.01.2020 7 cases to watch out for when Supreme Court reopens today... View
07.01.2020 43% of Maha ministers have high school edu or less: ADR View
03.01.2020 Maharashtra: 41 of the 42 ministers are crorepatis, 27 have... View
December 2019
Date Title Source
31.12.2019 The Sophomore Bane of India View
31.12.2019 54% MLAs with criminal cases, 69% crorepatis: A look at... View
31.12.2019 Supreme Court 2019 : Events and Controversies View
27.12.2019 A rich House: 69 per cent MLAs in Jharkhand assembly are... View
27.12.2019 Jharkhand election results: Hemant finally comes out of... View
27.12.2019 One Gun Too Many? When Lawmakers Pull The Trigger To Suit... View
27.12.2019 Jharkhand assembly election result: JMM vote share slumps... View
27.12.2019 JMM’s vote share slumps, BJP’s goes up in Jharkhand View
27.12.2019 Anbumani Ramadoss has worst attendance among Tamil Nadu MPs View
27.12.2019 Vote-share riddle, explained View
27.12.2019 Jharkhand Election 2019: Voting on in 16 seats in final... View


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