July 2019
Date Title Source
11.07.2019 भाजपला २०१६ ते १८ मध्ये काँग्रेसपेक्षा १६ पट अधिक देणग्या View
11.07.2019 TMC calls Lok Sabha polls as most unfair, unconstitutional... View
11.07.2019 பதிப்புரிமை பெற்ற இணையதளம் View
11.07.2019 2019 polls most unfair, unconstitutional and unjust View
11.07.2019 BJP received over Rs 900 cr as donations between 2016-18:... View
11.07.2019 BJP got 93% of the Rs 985 crore corporates donated to... View
11.07.2019 93% of contributions to parties from corporates: Report View
11.07.2019 Corporate donations: Report shows BJP got 16 times more... View
11.07.2019 BJP gets lion’s share of corporate funds View
11.07.2019 BJP received 93% of corporate donations made to national... View
11.07.2019 ADR report: India Inc donated ₹985 crore to political... View
11.07.2019 BJP got overwhelming share of corporate donations to... View
11.07.2019 In Last Two Years, BJP Raised Rs 915 Crore in Donations... View
10.07.2019 BJP Received 93% of Corporate Donations Since 2016, Rs 405... View
10.07.2019 BJP received more than Rs 900 crore as donations between... View
10.07.2019 BJP received 16 times as much funding through corporate... View
10.07.2019 BJP received Rs 915 crore in corporate donations between... View
10.07.2019 BJP received over Rs 900 crore as donations between 2016... View
10.07.2019 BJP Received More Than Rs 900 Cr as Donations Between 2016-... View
10.07.2019 BJP receives Rs 915.96 crore in donation from business... View
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