May 2019
Date Title Source
13.05.2019 Jobs, water top voters’ priority list in Maharasthra, finds... View
13.05.2019 Citizens Rate Indian Govt ‘Below Average’ On Governance,... View
13.05.2019 Mizoram’s Congress regime neglected voters’ concerns:... View
13.05.2019 Tight fight between BJP and Congress in MP, Chhattisgarh... View
13.05.2019 Rawat government fared below par on voter concerns View
13.05.2019 BJP govt neglected people, says Maharashtra Survey 2018;... View
13.05.2019 रावत सरकार ने मतदाताओं के मुद्दों पर औसत से नीचे प्रदर्शन... View
13.05.2019 लोगों को प्राथमिक सुविधाएं देने में मोदी का गुजरात औसत से... View
13.05.2019 वोटर्स की प्रायोरिटी में टॉप पर इंप्लॉयमेंट, हेल्थ फैसिलिटी View
13.05.2019 Unemployability is a bigger issue than unemployment View
13.05.2019 Lok Sabha elections: 311 crorepatis, 189 candidates with... View
13.05.2019 Lok Sabha Election: The 34 ‘Red Alert Constituencies’ Going... View
10.05.2019 Meghalaya's NPP government let voters down: ADR survey View
10.05.2019 Jobs, healthcare on Himachal Pradesh voters' wish list View
10.05.2019 ADR finds faults in affidavits of bypoll contestants | Goa... View
10.05.2019 2019 Lok Sabha elections: Top 5 richest candidates in the... View
10.05.2019 Panaji By-Polls: Election Watchdog Finds Discrepancies in... View
10.05.2019 ADR survey puts Govt in poor light on employment, health View
10.05.2019 Mizoram's Congress regime neglected voter concerns: ADR View
09.05.2019 83% Lok Sabha MPs crorepatis View
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