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  1. Report on funds collected and expenditure incurred by Political Parties during Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura Assembly Elections, 2018

    ... Report year:  2019 Category:  ...

    Anas Khan - 15.03.2019

  2. Lok Sabha Elections 2019

    ... Lok Sabha 2014 Reports >>>Click Here Lok Sabha Elections 2019 For Lok Sabha Election 2019 ... Meghalaya Tripura Chandigarh Jammu and ...

    Anas Khan - 19.03.2019

  3. BJP gets 12 times more high value donations than other parties

    ... ADR said. The BJP has spent over Rs 122 crore to contest assembly elections in Karnataka, with more than Rs 84 crore used for media and ...

    Anas Khan - 17.01.2019

  4. Lok Sabha Elections 2014

    ... Election 2014 Reports released for Lok Sabha Elections 2014 - Candidates & Winners  Lok Sabha Elections 2014 ... Lok Sabha 2014 Candidates  - Analysis of Criminal and Financial background details of candidates ...

    Divya Arora - 15.03.2019

  5. Mizoram goes to polls; will BJP saffronise Northeast?

    ... flavour this time by fielding 39 candidates in the 40-member assembly. The saffron party failed to open an account in the last elections but its leaders have expressed hope of playing the kingmaker in case ...

    Anas Khan - 28.11.2018

  6. Paisa, Polls and Politics Part IV: As Polls Get Expensive, Here's Where Political Parties are Investing and Spending Their Money

    ... — had spent almost Rs 264 crore during the 2004 general elections. New Delhi:  There’s no denying the fact that elections ... crore for parties in all the elections including Lok Sabha, Assembly and local body polls over a cycle of five years. “According ...

    Anas Khan - 12.02.2019

  7. Candidates must declare their criminal antecedents

    ... are to submit to the Election Commission. Candidates at elections to the House of the People, Council of States, Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council who have criminal cases against them - either ...

    Anas Khan - 11.03.2019

  8. Chhattisgarh has highest percentage of women in assembly

    ... the ‘highest percentage of women candidates’ for state assembly elections. This is according to a report by Association for Democratic Reforms ...

    Anas Khan - 11.03.2019

  9. Analysis of Funds Collected and Expenditure Incurred by Political Parties: Karnataka Assembly Election, 2018

    ... and Expenditure Incurred by Political Parties: Karnataka Assembly Election, 2018   Political parties are required to ... Commission within 75 days of completion of Assembly Elections . The expenditure statement contains details of the total ...

    Anas Khan - 08.03.2019

  10. State Coordinators

    ... Manipur Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland Odisha Punjab Puducherry Rajasthan Tamil Nadu Telangana Tripura Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand West Bengal ...

    admin - 06.03.2019

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