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  1. Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Analysis of Vote Share, Margin of Victory and Representativeness of Winners

    ... Report year:  2018 State:  Karnataka Category:  State Assembly Year:  2018 English Report ...

    Divya Arora - 01.06.2018

  2. Not a single woman elected to Nagaland assembly: Report

    ... with a criminal background in the newly elected Nagaland assembly. Out of the 60 MLAs analysed by the Association for Democratic ... themselves. Out of 59 MLAs analysed during Nagaland Assembly elections in 2013, 1 (2%) MLA had declared criminal cases against himself. 2 ...

    Divya Arora - 05.03.2018

  3. 59 per cent candidates for 2018 Nagaland Assembly Elections are crorepatis

    ... nine per cent of candidates in the poll fray in Nagaland Assembly Elections are crorepatis. The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) Nagaland ...

    Raminder - 23.02.2018

  4. Nagaland Election Watch release report on analysis of NLA 2018 election candidates

    ... of the 193 candidates contesting the Nagaland Legislative Assembly election 2018.   The report basically is an analysis of ... of candidates contesting for the 2018 general assembly elections.   Addressing media persons at D’Cafe, Kohima, Hekani ...

    Raminder - 23.02.2018

  5. Nagaland Assembly Elections 2018: 59 Per Cent Candidates in Fray Are Crorepatis, Maximum From Ruling NPF, Finds ADR

    ... for the 60 seats to be contested in the upcoming Nagaland assembly elections 2018, a total of 59 percent were found to be crorepatis. The maximum ...

    Raminder - 23.02.2018

  6. Nagaland Assembly Elections 2018 Comparative Analysis of Assets of Recontesting MLAs

    ... English report attachment:  Comparative_Analysis_of_Assets_of_Recontesting_MLAs_Nagaland_2018.pdf Report year:  ... State:  Nagaland Category:  State Assembly Year:  2018 English Report ...

    Divya Arora - 23.02.2018

  7. Nagaland Assembly election results: 75 percent MLAs elected in state are crorepati, two with criminal cases

    ... MLAs, or 45 out of 60 MLAs elected to the legislative Assembly this year have individual wealth worth over Rs 1 crore, a report said ... "The average of assets per MLA in the Nagaland 2018 assembly elections is Rs 5.16 crore. In 2013, the average assets of the MLAs analyzed ...

    Divya Arora - 05.03.2018

  8. 123 Karnataka Assembly poll winners get less than 50% votes: Report

    ... City:  The  Karnataka Assembly  polls saw 55 per cent of the winners getting less than 50 per cent ... of votes polled in their constituency in the May 12 assembly elections. The elections in two constituencies namely Jayanagar and ...

    Divya Arora - 05.06.2018

  9. Nagaland has 75% ‘crorepati’ MLAs, two with criminal cases: ADR

    ... People stand in a queue to cast their votes for the Nagaland assembly elections outside a polling station in Kohima village, Nagaland.(AP File Photo) ...

    Divya Arora - 05.03.2018

  10. 75% Nagaland Legislators Are ‘Crorepatis’, 2 Have Criminal Records

    ... or 45 out of 60 legislators elected to the legislative assembly this year have individual wealth worth over Rs. 1 crore, a report said on Sunday. Post-2013 assembly elections, 61 per cent or 36 out of 59 legislators were found to be crorepatis. ...

    Divya Arora - 06.03.2018

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