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  1. Rajasthan elections: More candidates have criminal cases against them than in 2013

    ... City:  JAIPUR: In the Rajasthan assembly elections of 2018, the percentage of candidates facing criminal cases is higher ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  2. Candidates with criminal cases go up in Rajasthan polls this time: Report

    ... cases against them has gone up in the 2018 Rajasthan assembly elections, according to the Rajasthan Election Watch (REW) and the Association ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  3. Rajasthan Polls: Voters give most importance to CM Face, reveals Survey

    ... that the most important factor for voters in  Rajasthan assembly election  is the Chief Minister Candidate. While Political party and ... and primary healthcare centres. The Rajasthan Assembly Elections are scheduled for December 7, and the counting of votes will take ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  4. Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018: Number of Candidates With Criminal Cases Spikes As Compared to 2013, More Multimillionaires This Year

    ... City:  While Rajasthan gears up for the assembly polls due on December 7, reports have surfaced claiming that the ... (BSP) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).  Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 Full Schedule And Dates: Single-Phase Voting on December 7 . ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  5. Rajasthan Polls: BJP tops list of crorepati candidates in state

    ... have fielded rich candidates in the upcoming  Rajasthan Assembly elections .  According to the latest report by Association for Democratic ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  6. Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018: At 81%, BJP tops list of crorepatis; Congress follows with 77% rich candidates

    ... Congress party have fielded rich candidates in the Rajasthan Assembly elections 2018. As per the latest report by ADR (Association for Democratic ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  7. More candidates with criminal cases contesting Rajasthan assembly election this time: ADR report

    ... 05.12.2018 City:  Rajasthan assembly election 2018: According to an ADR report on candidates contesting the ... of 2,188 out of the 2,294 candidates contesting the elections and found 320 (or 15%) candidates have declared criminal cases while ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  8. Rajasthan: Compared to 2013, Number of Candidates Facing Criminal Cases Has Risen

    ... charges in Rajasthan has risen between the 2013 and 2018 assembly elections, the  Association for Democratic Reforms has said . Rajasthan ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  9. Rajasthan elections: More candidates have criminal cases against them than in 2013, says report

    ... The percentage of candidates contesting the Rajasthan Assembly elections who have criminal cases against them is higher this time than it was ...

    Anas Khan - 07.12.2018

  10. Telangana Assembly Polls 2018: Key factors that influence voting behaviour

    ... to head for polling on December 7. The counting for the assembly polls will happen on December 11 along with Chhattisgarh, Madhya ... Assembly on September 6 to pave way for the early elections -- is hoping to retain power in the state. The ...

    Anas Khan - 05.12.2018

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