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36 people were sworn into Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cabinet earlier this week, despite many high-profile departures. This was the BJP-led government's first reshuffle since taking office for a second term in 2019, and it included several firsts. This is, by the way, one of the country's youngest cabinet formations.

More representation was given to states that would go to the polls next year, including Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, and is ostensibly geared at bringing in more youthful talent to the cabinet. Even as more friends of the NDA joined the government, the representation of OBCs, SCs, and youth has increased.

However, according to new research by the poll rights group Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), there are some discouraging figures to reckon with. According to an investigation conducted by the organization on July 7, 42 percent of the Ministers (33 persons) are facing criminal charges.

24 ministers among them have "major criminal cases" against them. Four ministers have proclaimed cases of attempted murder, to break it down even more.

Five ministers are accused of inciting communal division, while seven others are accused of electoral irregularities, according to the study. The investigation also looked into the financial circumstances of the ministers, concluding that 90% of them were crorepatis. The average asset value per Minister is Rs.16.24 crores, with four people declaring assets of more than Rs.50 crores.

"12 ministers (out of 78) have indicated that their educational level is between 8th and 12th grade, whereas 64 ministers (82 percent) have declared that their educational qualification is graduate or higher. Diploma recipients include two ministers "the report continues.

The average asset value per minister was determined to be roughly 16.24 crore, according to the research. Pratima Bhoumik of Tripura (over 6 lakh), John Barla of West Bengal (over 14 lakh), Kailash Choudhary of Rajasthan (over 24 lakh), Bishweswar Tudu of Odisha (over 27 lakh), and V Muraleedharan of Maharashtra (over 27 lakh) are the cabinet ministers with the lowest declared assets.

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