ADR Speaks is a podcast series on issues related to electoral & political reforms. It focuses on the findings of ADR reports analysing background details of candidates, sources of political parties' income, election expenditure, Electoral Bonds etc. In these episodes, ADR breaks down key findings of its reports for simple understanding & accessibility to the general public, enabling them to make an informed choice. ADR podcast will also host discussions with experts, research scholars, public intellectuals, former election officials etc. on issues concerning India's democratic politics.


Episode 1: Analysis of Funds Collected and Expenditure Incurred by Political Parties during Lok Sabha Elections, 2019.

15th June, 2020 | Shelly Mahajan(Program Associate-Political Party Watch, ADR)

Episode 1: लोकसभा 2019 चुनावों के दौरान राजनीतिक दलों द्वारा एकत्रित धन और व्यय का विश्लेषण

16th June, 2020 | Hemant Bhist(Program Associate-Political Party Watch, ADR)

Episode 1: लोकसभा २०१९ च्या निवडणुकी दरम्यान राजकीय पक्षांद्वारे एकत्रित केलेले धन आणि खर्चाचे विश्लेषण

30th June, 2020 | Sameena Shaikh (Program Executive-Election Watch, ADR)

Episode 2: Analysis of Money and Muscle Power in Indian Elections

29th June, 2020 | Bipasha Nath(Program Associate-Political Party Watch, ADR)

29th June, 2020 | Navin Singh Moni(Program Associate-Election Watch, ADR)

2nd July, 2020 | Sameena Shaikh (Program Executive-Election Watch, ADR)

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