SC For Swachh Politics:Will This Deter Criminal Netas?| Head of ADR in conversation with Zakka Jacob

Maj Gen Anil Verma (Retd.), Head of ADR, talks to Zakka Jacob from CNN-News 18 about the Supreme Court's imposition of a fine on 8 political parties for failing to comply with the order which states that criminal antecedents of candidates must be made public within 48 hours of their selection. The video was originally uploaded by @CNN-News18. Here is the link to it-

Who Funds your Netas- Now You may never Know | Democracy Diluted by Electoral Bonds

Announced in the 2017 Union Budget, electoral bonds are interest-free bearer instruments used to donate money anonymously to political parties. A bearer instrument does not carry any information about the buyer or payee and the holder of the instrument (which is the political party) is presumed to be its owner. The anonymity provided to donors donating electoral bonds has been a point of contention while introspecting the transparency of the scheme. Supreme Court despite concerns of transparency activists gave a green flag to Electoral Bonds ahead of the state polls. Barkha Dutt in conversation with Suhrith Parthasarthy, Anil Verma and Raghav Awasthi debates why electoral bonds are a point of contention for transparency activists.

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