PUNE: Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Saturday alleged that the BJP government institutionalised corruption to become the world’s richest political party in the last five years.
“Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) report revealed that the BJP generated crores of rupees from electoral bonds. How does the party pay hundreds of people working for their social media cells? Crores of rupees are being spent on advertisements,” Sharma said, while addressing a news conference in the city on Saturday.

The Congress leader said achieving $5-trillion economy by 2025 was not possible, considering the poor state of affairs. “To achieve this economy, we need 11-12 % GDP growth consistently for the next five years, while it is 5% or less at present... The BJP doesn’t have a road map for the future economy,” Sharma said.
Taking a dig at railway and commerce minister Piyush Goyal for saying Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee was a left-leaning thinker, Sharma said, “If Goyal cannot appreciate his achievement, at least he should not disrespect the Nobel laureate in this manner.”

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