ITANAGAR, May 28: As many as 10 newly-elected MLAs of the state have criminal cases against them, according to the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR).
Of the 60 MLAs analyzed by the ADR, 10 (17 percent) have declared criminal cases against them – an increase of 8 percent, as compared to 2014. Eight MLAs have declared serious criminal cases, including cases related to attempt to murder, extortion, forgery, criminal intimidation, etc.
While an NPP MLA has a declared case related to attempt to murder (IPC Section 307), one independent MLA has a declared case related to crime against women (IPC Section 354).
In 2014, out of the 58 MLAs analyzed by the ADR, five (9 percent) had declared criminal cases against them.

Increase in assets
Meanwhile, among the reelected MLAs, there has been a massive 767 percent increase in the assets of Mebo MLA Lombo Tayeng and Sagalee MLA Nabam Tuki.
While the assets of Tayeng have increased to Rs 148 crore from Rs 17 crore in 2014 (an increase of Rs 131 crore), Tuki’s assets stand at Rs 100 crore, as compared to Rs 11.59 crore in 2014.
Tayeng’s main source of income is stated to be the payment received by his wife from the central government against ancestral lands acquired by the government, besides bank interests.
Tuki’s main source of income is business.
There is a marginal increase of 26 percent (Rs 33 crore) in the assets of Chief Minister Pema Khandu, whose assets stand at Rs 163 crore, as compared to Rs 129 crore in 2014.
The assets of Lumla MLA Jambey Tashi have also seen a huge 297 percent (Rs 30 crore) increase. His total assets stand at Rs 40 crore, compared to Rs 10 crore in 2014.
The assets of Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso also increased manifold (548 percent) during the last five years. His assets stand at Rs 31 crore, against Rs 4 crore in 2014.
In contrast to this, the assets of Dambuk MLA Gum Tayeng have decreased to Rs 4.57 crore from Rs 6.55 crore in 2014, and Roing MLA Mutchu Mithi’s assets have decreased from Rs 6.15 crore in 2014 to Rs 4.006 crore in 2019.

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