Khabore Prakash
New Delhi

The Rajasthan Cabinet was analysed recently which was aimed at easing the tensions between Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. The Association for Democratic Reforms analysed the affidavits of 30 ministers and found that 14 had declared pending criminal cases against them.

Further it was stated that of the 14 ministers, 9 had serious criminal cases against themselves.

Out of the 30 ministers analysed, 28 (93%) are crorepatis. The average assets of 30 ministers analysed is Rs 13.97 crore. The minister with the highest declared total assets is Anjana Udailal from Nimbahera constituency with assets worth Rs. 107.87 crores. The minister with the lowest declared total assets is Shakuntala Rawat from Bansur constituency with assets worth Rs. 28.15 lakhs.

A total of 22 ministers have declared liabilities out of which the minister with the highest liabilities is Ashok of Hindoli constituency with Rs. 21.41 crores of liabilities.

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