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A study revealed on Friday that nineteen political parties, including the BJP and the Congress, received more than Rs 1,100 crore in 2021 during assembly polls in five states and union territories, with a significant portion going to advertisements and travel expenses for star campaigners.During the assembly elections in Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Puducherry, the BJP earned the highest sum of Rs 611.692 crore and spent Rs 252 crore.According to a survey by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and the National Election Watch, the party invested Rs 85.26 crore on publicity, including media advertisements, and Rs 61.73 crore on travel expenses for prominent campaigners and other leaders.According to the Congress, it received the second-highest sum of Rs 193.77 crore and spent Rs 85.625 crore, including Rs 31.51 crore on media and Rs 20.40 on travel expenses.

During the polls, the CPI(M) received a total fund of Rs 79.244 crore, TMC Rs 56.328 crore, AIADMK Rs 14.46 crore, and the CPI Rs 8.05 crore, according to the survey.While the CPI(M) incurred an expenditure of Rs 32.74 crore, investing Rs 21.509 crore on publicity and Rs 1.173 crore on travel expenses, the TMC spent Rs 154.282 crore, investing Rs 27.009 crore on publicity and Rs 33.02 on travel expenses, according to the survey.The total expenditure of the AIADMK during the elections was Rs 57.33 crore, out of which Rs 56.756 crore went towards publicity.According to the survey, the CPI expended Rs 5.68 crore in elections, with Rs 3.506 crore in publicity.

The BJP, Congress, BSP, NCP, TMC, CPI(M), CPI, DMK, AIMIM, CPI(ML)(L), AIFB, AGP, AIADMK, AIUDF, PMK, JD-S, KC-M, SP, and the AINRC are the parties whose funds and expenditures were quantified.According to the non-government election watchdog, the total funds collected by 19 political parties during the Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Puducherry Assembly Elections in 2021 was Rs 1,116.81 crore and total expenditure incurred was Rs 514.30 crore.According to the report, political parties in these five states expended the most money on publicity, followed by Rs 235.66 crore on lump sum donation to candidates, Rs 119.57 crore on travel, Rs 64.336 crore on other miscellaneous expenses, and Rs 19.162 on retweeting criminal antecedents of the candidate.According to the survey, their expenditure on marketing is 39.13 percent of the total expenditure reported under various categories.

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