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An ADR (Association for Democratic Reforms) report reveals that 156 out of the total 615 (nearly 25 per cent) candidates contesting in the first phase of the upcoming UP Assembly elections have declared criminal cases against them. A total of 623 candidates are in the fray for 58 seats going to the polls in the first phase.

While six have declared cases related to murder, 30 have stated in their affidavit that cases related to attempt to murder have been registered against them, the report said.

ADR report: 31 ‘red alert’ segments

  • Thirty-one (53%) out of the 58 constituencies in the first phase of the UP elections are bracketed as “red alert” segments
  • The red alert constituencies are those where three or more contesting candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves

Total candidates analysed: 615

  • Candidates with criminal cases: 156 (25%)
  • Candidates with serious criminal cases: 121 (20%)
  • Crorepatis: 286 (46%)
  • Average assets: Rs 3.72 cr
In an official release, the ADR said an analysis of the affidavits filed by the candidates contesting the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls revealed that 12 of them had declared cases related to crime against women, while one among them declared cases related to rape.

Ticket for the rich

The role of money power in our elections is evident from the fact that all major political parties give ticket to wealthy candidates. —ADR report

The report said among the major parties, 21 (75 per cent) out of the total 28 candidates analysed from the SP, 17 (59 per cent) of 29 from the RLD, 29 (51 per cent) of 57 from BJP, 21 (36 per cent) out of 58 from the Congress, 19 (34 per cent) of 56 from the BSP and eight (15 per cent) out of 52 candidates analysed from the AAP declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.

Among the major parties, 28 (97 per cent) out of 29 candidates analysed from the RLD, 55 (97 per cent) out of 57 from the BJP, 50 (89 per cent) of 56 from the BSP, 23 (82 per cent) out of 28 from SP, 32 (55 per cent) of 58 the Congress and 22 (42 per cent) of 52 candidates from the AAP have declared assets valued more than Rs 1 crore, said the report.

The report concluded that the directions of the Supreme Court (SC) have had no impact on the political parties in the selection of candidates for Phase 1 of the Uttar Pradesh elections, as they have continued with their old practice of giving ticket to around 25 per cent candidates with criminal antecedents.

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