the 2017 municipal elections, UP elected 16 mayors, out of which 14 are from the BJP while 2 are from the BSP. Out of these elected mayors, 27 per cent have a criminal image, while 80 per cent of these mayors are millionaires. Of the 27 per cent criminal image mayors, all are from the BJP.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and UP Election Watch released these figures in Agra today. Election Watch chief Sanjay Singh said that in the UP civic polls , the model code of conduct was violated with impunity. Candidates spent way above their allowed limits of expenditure and they benefited from this expense too.

Naveen Jain from the BJP, who became the mayor of Agra, is the richest of all elected mayors with a property of more than Rs 409 crore. The Allahabad Mayor Abhilasha Gupta comes second by a huge margin with personal property of Rs 68 crore, while the Lucknow mayor Samyukta Bhatiya and Gorakhpur Mayor Sitaram Jayaswal have property worth Rs 8 each.

According to the ADR report, the Allahabad Mayor Abilasha Gupta has 2 criminal cases pending against her, while Agra's Naveen Jain has 4 criminal cases. Kanpur Mayor Abilasha Pandey and Ayodhya Mayor Rishikesh also have several criminal cases against them.

All these mayors have been elected from the BJP, while the two BSP mayors from Aligarh and Meerut have no criminal cases against them.

Talking to India Today, Mohd. Yaseen, ex-president of Samajwadi Party minority wing said, "The BJP always calls itself 'neat and clean' and the senior leaders of the party spare no words in praising their candidates, but they never say a word about the criminal cases pending against these candidates. "

Yaseen also said that the BJP should stop misleading the people as the people are no slowly becoming aware of the lies that the BJP has been pandering for the past several years.

He said that if the BJP does not stop misleading the people, then the 2019 elections will prove very expensive to the party. He expressed surprise that as soon as the BJP won most of the mayoral seats in UP, it sent all its winning mayors to Gujarat to campaign for the party. It seems that these mayors were not elected for the people, they were elected only as party stooges and will only do what Modi tells them to do.

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