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As many as 46% candidates in the fray for first phase of polling in UP are crorepatis with average assets pegged at Rs 3. 72 crore and 156 of 615 (25%) candidates have criminal cases against them with121 booked for grave crimes, including murder and rape.

A detailed analysis by election watchdog Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) of sworn affidavits by 615 candidates in the fray from 58 constituencies of west UP, at least 280 candidates have declared themselves crorepatis. Among principal parties in the fray, RLD has 28 candidates possessing assets of more than Rs 1crore, while BJP has 55 nominees, BSP 50, SP has fielded 23, Congress 32 and 22 of AAP. The report states that role of money power in polls is evident from the fact all major political parties have fielded wealthy candidates.

“Among major parties, 28 of 29 candidates from RLD and 55 of 57 BJP candidates were crorepatis. Similarly, 50 of 56 BSP candidates, 23 of 28 candidates from Samajwadi Party, 32 of 58 candidates from Congress and 22 of 52 candidates from AAP were crorepatis,” the report states.

“Further analysis revealed that average assets per SP candidate was Rs 13. 23 crore, Rs 12. 01 crore for BJP, Rs 8. 32 crore for RLD, Rs 7. 71 crore for BSP, Rs 3. 08 crore for Congress and Rs 1. 23 crore for Aam Aadmi Party,” said ADR.

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