According to election reform body ADR (Association for Democratic Reforms), seven electoral trusts have received a total of Rs 258.49 crore as donations from corporates and other individuals. Out of this, more than 82 percent amount has come in the account of BJP.

An electoral trust is a non-profit organization. Through this, political parties receive economic contributions from corporate institutions and individuals. The purpose of bringing this system is to promote transparency in the use of money for election related expenses.

The latest ADR report, which came out on Thursday, said that 16 out of 23 electoral trusts have shared details of donations received with the Election Commission of India for the financial year 2021-21. Of these, only seven trusts have spoken of receiving donations.

According to the report, ‘the seven electoral trusts that have said to receive donations during the financial year 2020-21, have received donations of 258.491 crores from corporates and out of this, 258.4301 crores have been distributed to various political parties. ‘

BJP alone got 212 crores, 10 parties together got 10.45 crores

Out of this, the ruling BJP at the Center has got Rs 212.05 crore, which is 82.05 per cent of the total amount. At the same time, Janata Dal United (JDU), which is in power in the state along with the BJP in Bihar, has received Rs 27 crore or 10.45 per cent.

Apart from this, 10 other political parties have received a total amount of Rs 19.38 crore out of donations received to electoral trusts. These parties include Congress, NCP, AIADMK, DMK, RJD, AAP, LJP, CPM, CPI and Loktantrik Janata Dal.

This is the rule for electoral trusts, it is necessary to distribute 95% of the amount

According to the rules made by the central government, electoral trusts are required to distribute 95 percent of the amount received in a financial year along with the surplus of the previous financial year to eligible political parties of the country before March 31.

Of the 23 registered electoral trusts, 14 have regularly shared with the Election Commission the details of their own contributions. The other eight trusts have said that they have not received any contribution. His report has never been available on the ECI website.

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