ADR Report The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has announced details of donations to political parties by electoral trusts for the 2019-20 financial year. The ADR disclosed the details based on donations made by seven electoral trusts to Easy. However, the BJP received the highest donation of 76.17 per cent of the total donations to all parties.

The BJP received donations of Rs 276.45 crore through electoral trusts. According to the ADR, the Congress party received Rs 58 crore (15.98 per cent of the total donations). Apart from the BJP and the Congress, donations to 12 other parties were received through electoral trusts. The ADR said a total of Rs 25.46 crore was donated to RLD, AAP, LJP, JDU, SP, SHS, Youth Awareness Party, Jananayak Party, JMM, SAD, INLD and JKNC.

The ADR said in its report that the list of large donors included JSW, Apollo Tires, India Bulls, Delhi International Airport and DLF Group. JSW Steel alone made the largest donation of Rs 39.10 crore. Apollo Tires donated Rs 30 crore and India Bulls Rs 25 crore. Meanwhile, 18 people also made donations to electoral trusts. 10 people donated Rs 2.87 crore to the Prudential Electoral Trust, while four individuals donated Rs 2.87 crore to the Small Donation Electoral Trust. 5.50 lakh was donated. The ADR said four individuals had donated a total of Rs 1 lakh to the Swadeshi Electoral Trust.

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