In a similar attempt as that of CongressIndia’s richest political party BJP has started a campaign to crowdfund for the upcoming electionsBJP President Amit Shah on Tuesday took tweeted an appeal to the people to “donate money to make a better India”.

Invoking people the BJP President said that his party has been a strong supporter of transparency in public life which it has shown through an honest and transparent government at the center led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Shah said, “Keeping in line with our values of ushering in transparency in public life, the BJP has started an initiative of seeking microdonations from our karyakartas and well-wishers through the NaMo app. You can donate any amount between Rs 5 and Rs 1,000”. He also contributed Rs 1,000 to the party through Narendra Modi app and made an appeal to all the party workers to join the initiative as well.

People can donate Rs 5, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 though using NaMo app. “Your contribution is a great way to express support to the BJP. It will enhance the determination of lakhs of Karyakartas towards building a New India,” reads the message posted on the NaMo app.

Senior BJP leader and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has also donated Rs 1000 to the party fund and made a similar request to the party workers to make a little contribution in the campaign. She has also said that the party won’t accept donations above Rs 1,000.

It is to be noted that the campaign comes just a few months ahead of crucial assembly elections in five states and general election in 2019. In April this year, Association for Democratic Reforms published a report in which it claimed that the BJP was India’s richest political party with a total income of Rs 1,034.27 crore in 2016-17 while Congress had  Rs. 225.36 crore income.

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