A discussion was organised on 26th October at the India International Centre on the possibility of having simultaneous elections in India and the challenges which need to be overcome to make it a reality.
Eminent speakers, including Bhupender Yadav (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha); Dr S. Y. Quraishi, former CEC; Prof Sanjay Kumar; Director of Centre for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) and Dr M R Madhavan, President of PRS Legislative Research presented their views and answered multiple questions posed by the audience which constituted members from various research organisations, students and the media.
The event was organised by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and chaired by the organisation's Founder - Trustee, Prof Jagdeep Chhokar. The proceedings began with brief opening remarks by Prof Chhokar, emphasising the significance of elections.

He said, "Elections are the most fundamental way of operationalising democracy". Further he added that the discussion was an attempt to make an informed choice regarding the simultaneous elections and hoped to get concrete suggestions from the panel for action to improve the current scenario.

While speaking on the "Possibilities of holding simultaneous elections in India", Bhupender Yadav claimed that constant elections throughout the year all the over country act as a hindrance in the working of the government. He suggested that simultaneous elections will solve this problem and that, "There should be a pre-defined schedule for the elections and uniformity".

Dr Quraishi, began by clarifying, "This issue is not politically motivated". Although he appreciated the idea of simultaneous election, he also mentioned that there is no clarity on how it will be implemented. He said, "Elections have become the root cause of corruption in the country."

He mentioned that political donations require quid-pro-quo, hence after winning elections, the politician-bureaucrat nexus indulges in "recovering the investment" and that is where corruption begins. He also emphasised on the fact "caste, religion and communal issues are perpetuated by constant elections."

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