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New Delhi, May 21: A total of 294 MLAs elected in the five states where assembly elections were held have pending criminal cases against them. While Kerala tops the list with 62 per cent such MLAs, Puducherry records the most number of crorepati MLAs. This report prepared by the Association for Democratic Reforms and the National Election watch analysed the affidavits of 812 MLAs elected in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry. 

      Pending criminal cases 36% MLAs (294 out of 812 analyzed) have self-declared pending criminal cases as per their affidavits in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, West Bengal and Puducherry 2016 Assembly Elections. 176 MLAs out of these 812 analyzed have declared serious IPC charges like murder and attempt to murder charges against them. Kerala has the maximum percentage (62%) of MLAs with declared criminal cases against them. West Bengal has the maximum percentage (32%) of MLAs with declared serious criminal cases against them. Financial background A total of 428 MLAs (i.e. 53% of the total analyzed) are crorepatis. Puducherry has the maximum percentage (83%) of MLAs who are crorepatis, followed by Tamil Nadu with 76% of MLAs who are crorepatis. A total of 186 MLAs (23%) have declared that they have never filed Income Tax Returns (ITR). Kerala has the maximum percentage (60%) of MLAs who have not filed income tax, followed by West Bengal with 20% of MLAs who not filed income tax. 49 MLAs have not even given their PAN details. · Puducherry has the highest average assets (Rs 13.45 crores) of MLAs followed by Tamil Nadu with average assets of Rs 8.21 crores and Kerala with average assets of Rs 2.82 crores. Out of 812 newly elected MLAs, there only 9% women MLAs. Among the five states, West Bengal has 40 out of 293 (14%) women MLAs, followed by Puducherry with 4 of 30 (13%). 11% of the elected MLAs are 40 and below years of age 5 MLAs are above 80 years of age

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