In a detailed report, the Association for Democratic Reforms states that the average assets declared by the YSR Congress Party and Aam Aadmi Party during 2012-13 was Rs 1.165 crore. The average of these two parties which were registered in 2011 and 2012 increased to Rs 3.765 crore in 2015-16.

During 2011-12, the declared asset of Samajwadi Party was Rs 212.86 cr which increased by 198% to Rs 634.96 cr during 2015-16.

SP, AIADMK, AIFB and SHS are the only major regional parties to show a steady increase in their annual declared assets. The total assets of AIADMK between 2011-12 & 2015-16 increased by 155% (Rs 88.21 cr to Rs 224.87 cr) while that of SHS increased from Rs 20.59 cr to Rs 39.568 cr (by 92%).

During 2011-12, the regional parties declared maximum assets under FDR/ deposits which amounted to Rs 331.54 cr (68.77% of total assets) which increased to Rs 1054.80 cr (80.19% of total assets) in 2015-16.


The total liabilities declared by the 20 regional parties (whose details are available for both 2011-12 & 2015-16), was Rs 47.475 cr during 2011-12 which increased to Rs 52.21 cr during 2015-16.

Rs 2.37 cr was the average liability per party during 2011-12, while it was Rs 2.61 cr per party during 2015-16.


Highest liabilities during 2015-16 was declared by TRS (Rs 15.97 cr) but the party had declared NIL liabilities during 2011-12. Second highest liabilities was declared by TDP with Rs 8.186 cr.



The total Capital/Reserve fund set aside by the regional parties during 2011-12 was Rs 434.635 cr, which increased by Rs 823.535 cr (189.48%) to Rs 1258.17 cr during 2015-16.

Between 2014-15 & 2015-16, the Capital declared by regional parties increased by 14.66% or Rs 160.90 cr.

SP has the highest capital of Rs 634.913 cr during 2015-16 followed by Rs 257.18 cr of DMK and Rs 224.84 cr of AIADMK.