Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, July 31: The total assets declared by the seven national parties increased by six per cent between 2017 to 2018. In the years 2016-17 the national parties declared assets to the tune of Rs 3,260 and in 2017-18, it stood at Rs 3,456 .A report by the Association for Democroreatic Reforms states that during 2016-17, the declared assets of BJP totalled Rs 1,213.13 and increased by 22.27 per cent to Rs 1,483.35 during 2017-18.INC and NCP are the only 2 National Parties to show a decrease in their annual declared assets. The total assets of INC between 2016-17 and 2017-18 decreased by 15.26 per cent (from Rs 854.75 to Rs 724.35 ) and that of NCP decreased from Rs 11.41 to Rs 9.54 (by 16.39 per cent).The total assets of AITC increased from Rs 26.25 during 2016-17 to Rs 29.10 , an increase of 10.86 per cent.Liabilities:The total liabilities for 2016-17 declared by the National Parties amounted to Rs 514.99 crore (an average of Rs 73.57 crore per party) which decreased by 27.26 per cent to Rs 374.61 crore in 2017-18.LS polls 2019: Average winning per cent was 52.7, while NOTA polled 1.06 per centFor 2016-17, INC declared the highest liabilities of Rs 461.73 crore followed by BJP with Rs 20.03 crore.For 2017-18, highest liabilities of Rs 324.2 crore are declared by INC followed by Rs 21.38 crore in case of BJP and Rs 10.65 crore in case of AITC.Between FY 2016-17 and 2017-18, four parties declared a decrease in liabilities, INC (decrease of Rs 137.53 crore), CPM (decrease of Rs 3.02 crore), NCP (decrease of Rs 1.34 crore) and Rs 55 lakhs liabilities decrease of AITC.BJP, CPI and BSP have declared an increase in liabilities during 2017-18.Capital:The total Capital/ Reserve fund set aside by the National Parties during 2016-17 was Rs 2745.81 crore, and Rs 3082.04 crore for 2017-18, after adjusting for liabilities for the respective years, from the total assets of the parties.For 2017-18, BJP has the highest capital at present after declaring Rs 1461.97 crore followed by Rs 714.97 crore of BSP and Rs 479.58 crore of CPM.During 2016-17, CPI has the least declared capital fund of Rs 1.43 crore followed by NCP with Rs 5.86 crore.

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