Attendance of 76 MLAs is over 76 per cent in Vidhan Sabha. Madhya Pradesh Election Watch in association with Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has demanded there must be some mandatory system of attendance for all.

Mamta Meena of BJP from Chachora Vidhan Sabha constituency, Arif Aqueel of Congress from Bhopal North Vidhan Sabha constituency and Champalal Devda of BJP from Bagli Vidhan Sabha constituency ensured 100 per cent attendance.

Election watch’s ex-DGP Arun Gurtu, Rolly Shivhare, Prashant Dubey,  in a joint press conference, said, “We have collected information of last 10 sessions of 149 days in the last two years and Vidhan Sabha meeting was to continue for 105 days but it was only 72 days. So daily, MLAs spent just 4.6 hours in the house.”

The trio said, “As per the Vidhan Sabha attendance record, CM, Vidhan Sabha speaker, ministers, leader of Opposition have zero attendance. When we tried to find out, we were told the rules that as they do not avail allowance, so there is no need of attendance.”

The other  demands are there must be mandatory of leave application for MLAS and minister as it is mandatory for employees, there must be 75 per cent attendance for all, there must be a committee to monitor attendance and it should also be mandatory for  CM, Vidhan Sabha speaker, ministers, leader of Opposition to mark their attendance.

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