BJP’s income rises 80 % in one year to 1,034 Crore in 2016-17 from Rs570 crore in 2015-16, according to the updated audit annual reports filed with the Election commission.  BJP submitted its annual audit report in February 8th, for 2016-17 and its total receipts matched the other 7 national parties put together in (2015-16)  i.e Rs 1,033 crore.

BJP’s income recorded roughly upto two thirds of the combined income of Rs 1,559 crore for all the national parties in 2016-17. So,BJP alone earned double of the income compared to the other ruling National parties. ( congress, BSP, Trinamool, CPM, CPI, and NCP) put together in 2016-17.

This is much higher than the congress share during the tenure of UPA between 2004-05 and 2014-15. The congress share actual touched a high of 58% in the first year of UPA-I.  But by at the end of the last year of UPA -II, 2013-14, it was down to 39%, below BJP’s share of 44% for the same consequent year. 

The total income of BJP share is Rs 997 crore which came from voluntary contributions. Of this, Rs 533 crore was received in contributions exceeding Rs 20,000 each. BJP’s total expenditure was Rs 710 crore, and the unspent income was Rs 324 crore, almost Rs 100 crore more than the congress income of Rs 225 Crore in 2016-17. 

Congress had a fall of Rs 261 Crore it had declared in 2015-16. A good slab of Congress income, according to an analysis by the association for democratic reforms came from issuance of coupons Rs 115.6 Crore.

The party’s expenditure exceeded its by almost Rs 96 Crore, as per annual audit report filed by the party on March 19, 2018.Interestingly, out of all the parties only four parties filed their annual audit reports within reports by 30 th October 2017 deadline. 
Congress was late by 138 days and BJP by 99 days.

BJP s income was Rs 173.7 crore in 2016-17, a jump from Rs 47.4 crore the preceding year. Interestingly, going by the contribution report by BSP, none of the contributions was in excess of Rs 20,000.

The CPM’s receipts of about Rs 100 crore were marginally low than the Rs 107 Crore it had declared the preceding year, but enough to put it in 4 th place.

Trinamool Congress declared income of Rs 6.3 cr, a fraction of the Rs 34.5 cr shown in 2015-16. Like congress, Trinamool’s Rs 24 cr expenditure was higher than its income.
CPI has declared its income of Rs 2.1 cr in 2016-17, down from Rs 10.2 cr in 2015-16 while NCP’s income grew to Rs 17.2 cr from Rs 9.1 cr 

The largest source of declared income for the seven national parties were its voluntary contributions, which were accounting for Rs 1,169 cr or about 75% of the total income. The total expenditure shown by the seven parties was about Rs 1,228 cr.

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