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The BJP gathered 76 per cent of the electoral bonds sold in financial year 2019-20, a whopping 75 per cent per cent jump on the Rs 1,450 crore it received the previous year. Altogether, electoral bonds worth Rs 3,355 crore were sold in 2019-20, of which the BJP received Rs 2,555 crore, as per data accessed by NDTV from the Election Commission.

The BJP alone has received 68 per cent of the electoral bonds sold since inception of the scheme till March 2020, the NDTV report said.

Electoral bonds were introduced by the BJP government in 2017-2018 in face of major political opposition, allowing individuals as well as corporations -- including those partly owned by foreign entities -- to fund political parties anonymously.

The Congress had argued that though the bonds, the government was making "corruption official". The government had argued that it would “improve transparency” as they were banking instruments and every political party will have to disclose how much money they received.

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