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The BJP has garnered 94% of the political funding through electoral bonds for the past five years in Gujarat, Times of India reported quoting the Association for Democratic Reforms.

From March 2018 to October 2022, all political parties in total received Rs 174 crore in donations from Gujarat, said the report.

Out of the total, the saffron party's share was Rs 163 crore. In all, of 1,571 donations, the ruling party got 1,519.

Of all electoral bonds purchased since 2017-18, BJP received two-thirds of the total or 65 per cent nationally.

The opposition Congress trailed a distant second with Rs 10.5 crore and the new entrant AAP received Rs 32 lakh. Other parties got Rs 20 lakh.

The report said that ADR received a response to an RTI query from SBI's Gandhinagar branch which said 595 bonds worth Rs 343 crore had been purchased.

In April 2019, the highest number of electoral bonds - 137 of them worth Rs 87.5 crore - were purchased.

Denomination-wise, the most common of these bonds was Rs 1 crore, followed by Rs 10 lakh.

The report said, "Of the total corporate donations (Rs 4,014.58 cr) received by political parties in the five-year period, 4% or Rs 174 crore, came from Gujarat."

It added that Rs 74.3 crore came from an entity called Prudent Electoral Trust. Six Gujarat-based companies made donations through this trust.

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