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The total assets of eight political parties in the country are Rs 8,829.16 crore. This is the figure for the financial year 2021-22. In the previous year it was Rs 7,297.62 crore. BJP is leading with assets of Rs 6,046.81 crore.

The National People's Party has the lowest assets of Rs 1.82 crore and the CPI's Rs 15.67 crore. The Congress has assets of Rs 763.73 crore and CPM Rs 723.56 crore. Except BSP, all other parties have increased their assets over the previous year. BSP has assets of Rs 690.71 crore and Trinamool Congress Rs 458.10 crore.

According to the figures released by the Association for Democratic Reforms, an electoral reform organization, the Congress had more liability in 2021-22. The party's liability is Rs 41.95 crore. CPM has a liability of Rs 12.21 crore and the BJP Rs 5.17 crore.

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