Kochi: The BJP has three times more wealth than the Congress. For the financial year 2018-19, the BJP has assets worth Rs 2904.18 crore. The BJP owns 54.29% of the wealth of the seven national parties. Congress has assets worth Rs 928.84 crore; Only 17.36%. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has assets worth Rs 738 crore; 13.80%.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a voluntary organization, analyzes data submitted by political parties and discloses the assets of each party. 7 national parties have assets worth `5349.25 crore and 41 regional parties have assets worth` 2073.71 crore. Among the national parties, the CPM (510.71 crore), the Trinamool Congress (210.19 crore), the NCP (32.01 crore) and the CPI (25.32 crore) have assets.

Locally in front of SP

The Samajwadi Party (SP) is the richest of the regional parties. SP has assets worth Rs 572.21 crore. SP owns 28.28% of the total assets of regional parties. BJD (232.27 crore) and Anna DMK (206.75 crore) are in the second and third positions respectively.

Telugu Desam (193.27 crore), DMK (190.38 crore), TRS (188.73 crore), Shiv Sena (173.08 crore), YSR Congress (93.49 crore), JDS (38.01 crore), JDU (32.81 crore), Aam Aadmi Party (10.11 crore) And the Muslim League (5.43 crore).

BSP leads in fixed investment

Among the national parties, the Bahujan Samaj Party has the largest fixed investment at Rs 608.27 crore. The other parties' fixed deposits are BJP (573.77 crore) and Congress (218.65 crore). Among regional parties, SP has the largest fixed deposit at Rs 454.46 crore. Anna DMK (185.90 crore), DMK (169.19 crore) and BJD (140.15 crore) are close behind.

The BJP is also ahead in reserve investment

The BJP is also ahead in terms of reserve capital (capital / reserve fund). The BJP has a reserve fund of Rs 2866.72 crore. Reserves for other parties: Congress - 850.43 crore, BSP - 735.77 crore, CPM - 507.33 crore, Trinamool Congress - 199.61 crore, NCP - 31.05 crore, CPI - 24.87 crore.

Congress owes a lot

Of the national parties, the Congress owes the most - Rs 78.42 crore. This amount includes bank loans and overdrafts. BJP - 37.44 crore, Trinamool Congress - 10.59 crore, CPM - 3.38 crore, BSP - 2.23 crore, NCP - 0.96 crore, CPI - 0.45 crore.

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