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With this, BJP saw an increase of 17.12% as compared to the last financial year (2021-22) when it received ₹614.626 crore

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) received the highest donations amounting to 719.858 crore from 7,945 donors in the 2022-23 fiscal year (FY), a report released by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said.

With this, BJP saw an increase of 17.12% as compared to the last financial year (2021-22) when it received 614.626 crore.

The total declared by the national parties for FY 2022-23 was 850.438 crore from 12,167 donations.

“The Indian National Congress (INC) stood second in comparison after it received 79.924 crore which is a decrease from the previous FY 2021-22 (-16.27%).

Similarly, the decrease in donations declared by CPI(M) was 39.56% ( 3.978 crore), and by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was 2.99% ( 1.143 crore).

For the 17th year in a row, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) declared that the party did not receive any donations above 20,000 during FY 2022-23.

State-wise donation segregation made by ADR, highlights a total of 276.202 crore was donated to the national political parties from Delhi, followed by 160.509 crore from Gujarat and 96.273 crore from Maharashtra.

Of the total, as many as 3,318 donations to these parties were made by corporate/business sectors amounting to 680.495 crore (80.017% of total donations) while 8,567 individual donors donated 166.621 crore (19.592% of total donations) to the parties during FY 2022-23.

“BJP ( 610.491 crore) received more than eight times the total amount ( 70.004 crore) of corporate donations declared by all other national parties for the FY 2022-23. Prudent Electoral Trust being the top donor to parties, donated a total of 257.15 crore to BJP (256.25 crore) and AAP (90 lakh) together,” the report added.

The total donations of the national parties during FY 2022-23 increased by 91.701 crore, a rise of 12.09% from the previous financial year 2021-22.

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