The ruling BJP accounted for 44 per cent of total election expenditure of 7 national parties and 25 regional parties together, during 2019 general elections. The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has come to this conclusion after consolidating the election expenditure statements of all these parties submitted to the Election Commission of India (ECI).

ADR found that BJP spent Rs 1141.72 cr (44.06%) and INC spent Rs 626.36 cr or 24.17% of the total expenditure incurred by 32 National and Regional political parties.

According to ECI website, 7 National Parties and 25 regional parties together collected a total amount of Rs 6405.59 crore, of which 86.55 per cent, Rs 5544.34 crore was collected by national parties, leaving only 13.45 per cent to regional parties. 32 national and regional parties together spent Rs 2591.39 crore during 2019 general elections, of which an expenditure of Rs 2004.39 crore, comes to 77.37 per cent incurred by the 7 national parties.

Among these parties only AIFB and INLD have declared that no funds were collected, while only AIFB and AIMIM declared that they incurred no expenditure, despite their candidates contested in the polls. Meanwhile, Election expenditure statements of 18 Regional parties including DMDK, JD (S), RJD, JKNPP, RLD etc. are unavailable on the website of ECI.

32 Political parties whose expenditure details were analysed for the 2019 General Elections, spent the highest, Rs 1495.41 cr (50%) on Publicity, followed by Rs 567.19 cr on Travel expenses, Rs 528.94 cr on Lumpsum amounts paid to candidates and Rs 399.03 cr on Other/Miscellaneous expenses.

Of the total expenditure of the 32 political parties on publicity, Rs 1223.71 cr or 81.83% was spent by the National parties and Rs 271.70 cr or 18.17% was spent by the Regional parties

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