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The BJP's income decreased by Rs 2870.94 crore or 79.24 per cent in 2020-21 compared to the previous fiscal, while Congress saw a decline of Rs 396.44 crore or 58.11 per cent.

Among the eight national parties, the CPI(M) is the only party to witness an increased income -- Rs 12.42 crore or 7.8 per cent from 2019-20 -- during the period which was marked by Covid-19 pandemic.

An analysis by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) of the income and expenditure submitted by parties to the Election Commission showed that BJP's income decreased from Rs 3,623.28 crore in 2019-20 to Rs 752.337 crore.

During this period, Congress' income fell from Rs 682.21 crore to Rs 285.76 crore, while that of Trinamool Congress fell from Rs 143.67 crore to Rs 74.41 crore. Same was the case with NCP (Rs 85.58 crore to Rs 34.92 crore), CPI (Rs 6.58 crore to Rs 2.12 crore), BSP (Rs 58.25 crore to Rs 52.46 crore) and NPP (Rs 1.88 crore to Rs 69.2 lakh).

However, the ADR analysis showed, CPI(M) saw an increase in income from Rs 158.62 crore to Rs 171.04 crore.

When it comes to spending, the BJP spent Rs 620.39 crore or 82.46 per cent of its income, while Congress spent Rs 209 crore or 73.14 per cent of its total income. On the contrary, Trinamool Congress spent 78.18 per cent more than its total income -- Rs 132.53 crore -- in a year the party fought West Bengal elections and returned to power.

While the CPI(M) which saw an increase in its income incurred expenses of only Rs 101.80 crore or 59.52 per cent of the total income of 2020-21. NCP's expenditure was just Rs 12.17 crore or 34.87 per cent of its total income.

Donations and contributions were the largest mode of income generation for parties like BJP (Rs 577.974 crore), CPM (Rs 95.29 crore), Trinamool Congress (Rs 42.21 crore), NCP (Rs 26.26 crore) and NPP (Rs 67.17 lakh). Congress' main mode of income generation was collection by issuing coupons through which it garnered Rs 156.907 crore.

When it comes to expenditure, the maximum for the BJP has been towards Election/General Propaganda which ran into Rs 421.014 crore followed by expenses towards administrative costs at Rs 145.688 crore.

Congress also spent the highest on elections at Rs 91.35 crore followed by administration and general expenses at Rs 88.43 crore. Trinamool Congress also spent the maximum on elections Rs 90.41 crore as well as CPI(M) -- Rs 38.82 crore -- and BSP --Rs 9.54 crore.

The analysis also showed that BJP, Congress and Trinamool Congress collected Rs 74.46 crore or 5.42 per cent of their total income from donations through the controversial electoral bonds in 2020-21. Trinamool Congress got the highest of Rs 42 crore through this mode followed by the BJP Rs 22.38 crore and Congress Rs 10.07 crore.

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