SChief Electoral Officer VL Kantha Rao has informed that for the Assembly elections 2018, time slots have been allotted to seven political parties for election broadcast/ telecast on Doordarshan and Radio. The time slots allotted for broadcast/telecast is 45-45 minutes to All India Trinmul Congress, 68-68 minutes to Bahujan Samaj Party, 206-206 minutes to Bharatiya Janta Party,46-46minutes to CPI, 45-45 minutes to CPIM, 175-175 minutes to Congress and 46-46 minutes to NCP.

Each one of political parties recognised by Election Commission of India, BJP, INC, BSP, CPI(M), CPI, NCP and AITC - have been allotted time of five minutes from 6 pm to 6.05 pm and ten minutes from 6.05 pm and 7 pm, between November 16 and 23 (except Sunday) and 15 minutes from 7.30 pm and 8.05 pm between November 16 and 24 (except Sunday) and 10 minutes from 8.10 to 8.20 pm on Akashvani. Also, time of five minute has been allotted from 8.20 pm 8.25 pm. Time would not be allotted during 8.10 to 8.20 pm on November 16, 8.20 to 8.25 between November 17 and 21, 8.20 to 8.25 pm on November 24 to any political party. This facility will be provided on regional and All India Radio.

Prasar Bharati has allotted time of 15 minutes during the period 8.20 pm to 10.41 pm each to political party recognised by Election Commission of India, BJP, INC, BSP, CPI (M), CPI, NCP and AITC between November 17 and 24 on Doordarshan. On November 25, 11 minutes to BJP and four minutes to Promo, eight minute to BJP and one minute to promo, one minute to CPI and five minutes to promo, 10 minutes to INC have been allotted. No time will be given to any political party on November 21 during 8.20 pm to 8.35 pm and November 24 during 9.23 pm to 9.38.

Criticism and opposing of country, religion and community, and raising allegation and causing defamation by name of any person, incitement of violence, anything amounting to contempt of court, aspersion against the integrity of the President and Judiciary, anything affecting the unity, sovereignty and integrity of the nation and would be permitted during broadcast/telecast on Doordarshan and Radio in the time allotted.

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