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The Coordination Committee (CorCom) has alleged that January 26 is a ‘Colonial Day’ which showcases how India suppresses the people of Manipur and called a 18 hour total shutdown from the midnight of January 25.
A press release issued by CorCom appealed to all to stay indoors during the shutdown and boycott the event.
Rituals, health and emergency services are exempted from the purview of the shutdown.

Claiming that the people of Manipur have no reason to celebrate the 73rd Republic Day of India which harrasses civilians in the WESEA region, the committee boycotted the event as usual.
Similar incidents to that of Nagaland's Oting will occur as long as India doesn't change its outlook on the region even if AFSPA is removed, it added.
Alleging that India which claims itself to be a democratic Nation never works as per the sentiment of the people unless the people themselves place their aspirations by holding protests or any other demonstrations, the  statement claimed that the Nation is adopting the "force, off, buy the people" method instead of the true nature of democracy.
"The people of Manipur will continue to suffer as long as the erstwhile kingdom is a part of India which has been indulging in a colonial policy to wipe out small communities," CorCom claimed and alleged that poll related violence and unwanted activities seen in  Manipur at the time of election will also persist as long as India occupies the State.
"It is the  duty of armed revolutionary groups to face such a colonial policy ", it alleged.
Claiming that the Republic Day celebration looks more like a Military Day as displaying sophisticated weapons is one the highlights of the event, the committee claimed that India today no longer follows the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.
The Constitution of India which came into effect from January 26, 1950 undermines the democratic rights of its citizens, the outfit claimed and alleged that citizens fearing the Government instead of the other way round is not a good sign.
As per National Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), more than half of Lok Sabha's MPs in the country have criminal antecedents, CorCom  claimed and added that what India adopts is ‘potemkin democracy.’
Claiming that many ex-military men who have no moral compass are setting foot in electoral politics, the committee contended that India showcasing its military might on Republic Day is contradictory.

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