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In Manipur, 21 per cent of the candidates contesting the first phase of elections are facing criminal charges.

With a total of 60 members Manipur Elections to the Assembly are scheduled for February 28 and March 5 in two phases. Of the 38 constituencies in which the first phase will be held, 173 are contesting, including 15 women. In this case, the affidavits of these candidates have been examined by the Organization for Electoral Reform (ADR) and a report has been issued. It says:

Of the 173 candidates contesting the first phase of elections in Manipur, 21 per cent have criminal cases against them. Of these, 16 percent have serious criminal cases against them. 2 candidates have stated that they have criminal charges against their wives. There are 2 murder cases and 6 attempted murder cases.

Of the 38 candidates contesting on behalf of the major parties, 11 (29%) have criminal cases pending against them. Following this, 7 out of 28 (25%) United Janata Dal candidates, 8 (23%) out of 35 Congress candidates and 3 out of 27 (11%) National People’s Party (NPP) candidates are facing criminal charges.

Similarly, 10 BJP candidates (26%), 5 United Janata Dal candidates (18%), 4 Congress candidates (11%) and 2 NPP candidates (7%) have serious criminal cases. Thus it is said.

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