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Samajwadi Party in 5th phase (Samajwadi Party) The candidates with the highest number of criminal cases are in the electoral fray. Whereas BJP (BJP)and Congress (Congress) They are also not behind in the list of criminal candidates. Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)According to the analysis data released by the Samajwadi Party, out of 59 candidates, about 42 have criminal records. Of the 52 candidates fielded by the BJP, 25 have the same criminal record. BSP (BSP) K 23 criminal candidates are in the fray. Apart from this, criminal cases are also registered against 23 candidates of Congress. Ten of the 52 candidates fielded by AAP in this phase of UP elections also have criminal history.

Serious criminal cases registered against 22 candidates of BJP and 17 from Congress

According to the analysis report of Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), Samajwadi Party has 29 out of 59, Apna Dal 2 out of 7 candidates, BJP 22 out of 52, BSP 17 out of 61, Congress 61. 17 out of the candidates and 7 out of 52 candidates of AAP have declared serious criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits. 12 candidates have declared cases related to crime against women. Out of 12 candidates, 1 candidate has declared a case related to rape (IPC Section-376).

39 out of 61 constituencies declared red alert in the fifth phase

Eight candidates have declared cases related to murder (IPC Section-302) against themselves and 31 candidates have declared cases related to attempt to murder (IPC Section-307). 39 out of 61 constituencies have been declared as red alert constituencies in the fifth phase based on the number of criminal candidates. This report is based on the analysis of self-affidavits of candidates contesting the fifth phase elections.

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