Lucknow, Mar 1 (UNI) Better employment opportunities and agriculture loan availability are the two main issues before the voters in the upcoming general elections in Uttar Pradesh, Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) survey said here on Friday.<br />The survey found that in all the 31 listed issues, the performance of the government was rated below average.<br />Surprisingly, 15 per cent of the voters admitted that distribution of cash, liquor and gifts was an important issue in the election which can favour the candidate. Of this, 5 per cent said that it is a 'very important' factor in the election though 74 per cent feel that distribution of cash, liquor and gift was illegal.<br />"Overall 42.82 per cent of the people sought for better employment opportunities, 34.56 per cent want better health care while 33.73 per cent want better law and order, " the report said.<br />However in the rural areas, agriculture loan availability and electricity availability are demanded by 44 per cent of people.<br />ADR, UP Coordinator Sanjay Singh said that UP shown poor results in the demand of the people when in employment opportunities, it was 2.06 per cent out of 5 and similarly it was just 2.13 per cent on agriculture loan.<br />The survey was done between October and December-2018 and 40,000 people participated in all the 80 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state.<br />In the urban areas, the most priority was given to better employment opportunities which was demanded by 49 per cent of the people followed by traffic congestion(43 per cent) and water and air pollution (40 per cent).<br />In the survey , 98 per cent of the voters felt that criminal background candidates should not be elected. But on the other hand 36 per cent voters felt that caste and religion forces them to support a criminal background while 35 per cent say that they vote for a criminal candidate as they are not aware about their criminal acts.<br />While, deciding which candidate to vote for in am election, 86 per cent UP voters stated that their own opinion mattered the most while 5 per cent each said that their spouse or family members have say in their opinion in their vote preference.

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