As the elections are nearby, several political parties are assuring voters in various ways to convince them for voting.

Several surveys are also being conducted to know the pulse of voters. The survey of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) is one among them. It is the largest ever Voter Survey conducted in any country.

The survey was conducted from October 2018 to December 2018 for the General Elections of 2019. It covered 534 Lok Sabha constituencies. 2,73,487 voters participated in this survey.

The survey included the priorities of the voters. 31 such priorities were listed including food, education, healthcare, water, electricity, roads, public transport etc.

Voters were asked to list their top five priorities to analyze. They were also asked to measure the performance of government on their priorities with a three-level scale, Good, Average and Bad.

The top 10 priorities of the voters include employment and basic amenities including healthcare, water, roads etc. in addition to governance issues like terrorism and strong defence.

Nearly half of the participants’ priority is better employment provisions. 35 per cent chose better healthcare, 31 per cent chose better drinking water, 28 per cent chose better roads, and 27 per cent chose better public transport.

The government’s performance on the top 10 priorities is measured as below average. The top priority of survey participants is better employment and for this, the government’s performance was rated as the worst with 2.15 score on a scale of 5.

The participants responded on the voting of candidates with criminal proceedings, 37 per cent said that due to lack of awareness, they vote such candidates. And 35 per cent said that, if the candidate has done good works in the past, they are willing to vote for such candidates despite their criminal records.

Shockingly, for 41 per cent of voters, cash, gifts, liquor etc. are essential to vote a particular candidate.

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