While the political parties are trying to increase their chances of winning by getting into different seat sharing arrangements, the focus still remains on their stands on various topics. Among these topics, you would think that the most widely discussed are farmer issues and the Pulwama attack response but you would be wrong. The main issue has been the same throughout every recent election. The issue of employment.

Association for Democratic Reforms(ADR) has done a national survey on 31 issues for 534 Lok Sabha seats with 2.73 lakh voters participating in it. The survey was conducted between October 2018 and December 2018.

10 Biggest Issues

The survey primarily asked the voters what they believe are the biggest issues for them and the following are the results.

  • Employment – 46.80%
  • Healthcare Services – 34.60%
  • Drinking Water – 30.50%
  • Good Roads – 28.34%
  • Good Transport – 27.35%
  • Water for Irrigation – 26.40%
  • Loan for Farming – 25.62%
  • Right Price for Farm Produce – 25.41%
  • Relief on Seed Manure Prices – 25.06%
  • Better Law and Order – 23.95%

Both cities and villages chose jobs as the biggest issue for this election

It is clear that employment is the biggest issue for both rural and urban areas with the most demand being among the urban OBC category.

Right to Health and Good Health Services is the Second Biggest Demand

The second largest demand for the 534 Lok Sabha seats in the survey is the Right to Health and Good Health Services. 34.60% of the country’s voters consider it an extremely important issue with 39.41% urban voters voting for it.

Third Biggest Issue is Clean Drinking Water

30.50% of voters consider clean drinking water to be an important issue for the upcoming elections. This trend is noticed more in urban voters at 35.03% than rural voters where only 28.05% voted for it.

Very little difference in voting patterns of both the genders

As far as gender bias is concerned there were negligible differences among both the sexes. This shows that even after creating issues like Rafale deal and the Ram Mandir, people inherently think basic needs like livelihood, healthcare and clean water are the main topics that they care about.

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