Chhattisgarh,crorepatis,Association for Democratic Reforms,ministers in Chhattisgarh,pending criminal cases,crorepatis, ", "articleBody":"Raipur, Dec 27: It is a full house in Chhattisgarh. 12 out 12 ministers are crorepatis, a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms states.There are two ministers, including the Chief Minister, who has declared pending criminal cases against them. Ministers with Criminal Cases: 2 (17%) ministers including the Chief Minister analysed have declared criminal cases against themselves. Ministers with Serious Criminal Cases: 2(17%) ministers including the Chief Minister have declared serious criminal cases against themselves. Crorepati Ministers: Out of the 12 ministers analysed, all 12 (100%) are crorepatis. The average assets of 12 ministers analysed is Rs 47.13 crores. Ministers with Highest Assets: The minister with the highest declared total assets is T.S. Baba from Ambikapur constituency with assets worth Rs.500.01 crores. Ministers Age: 2 (17%) ministers have declared their age to be between 31-50 years while 10(83%) ministers have declared their age to be between 51- 70 years. Woman Minister: Out of 12 ministers, only 1(8%) is a woman.

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