Gujarat is a state of entrepreneurs and perhaps no one knows it better than them as to which side of bread should one butter for maximum leeway.

At least that is what the donations to political parties in the last five years suggest. As per figures shared by an independent election watch institution Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), the ruling BJP in Gujarat has received the highest overall donations from the state.

The BJP has received 2,186 donations worth Rs 80.45 crore between FY 2011-12 and 2015-16, followed by the Congress that has received 53 donations worth Rs 14.09 crore.

The BJP not only received highest amount of cash in Gujarat, it also formed the highest ( 10.04%) of the total donations received by parties from across the country.

The amount the BJP received in Gujarat were 471% higher than total donations collected by other national parties in the state, ADR said in its media release.

"These are figures basis filings by the parties. We have no way to know whether they have received any more donations from other quarters and of donations below Rs 20,000 as of now," Pankti Jog of ADR said.

The ADR has based its findings on filings by political parties about donations they receive in excess of Rs 20,000 from any person or a company to the Election Commission of India.

The Nationalist Congress Party comes a distant third, receiving three donations worth Rs 3 crore, with the CPI getting four donations worth Rs 9.1 lakh.

"Amongst all the years, political parties received the highest donations of Rs 45.33 crore in the FY 2012-13, the year of the last Assembly polls in the state," ADR stated.

Of the total donations received by the BJP, Rs 71.35 crore or 88.69% have come from corporates in Gujarat or business houses of the state.

The Congress, on the other hand, has received Rs 13.57 crore or 96.31% of its donations from corporate/business houses of Gujarat. The remaining donations have come in from individuals.

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