The Uttarakhand High Court on Friday asked Kashipur BJP MLA Harbhajan Singh Cheema to file a reply within four weeks in a case pertaining to allegedly forging of his date of birth and other facts in the recently concluded elections.

The court also issued notice to the Election Commission of India and the Centre in this connection.

Rajiv Agarwal, who had contested the elections against Cheema as an Independent, filed a petition before the high court alleging that Cheema had fudged his date of birth and other facts in his affidavit before the EC while contesting the elections.

Petitioner’s counsel Shashank Pandey said, “The incumbent MLA has misinformed EC about various facts, including his date of birth. I hope the court will consider our case. The court has already issued notice to Cheema, seeking his reply.”

The petitioner alleged, “Cheema’s date of birth in his PAN card is January 8, 1944, while in his passport, it is April 7, 1946. Besides, Cheema evaded Rs 10 lakh as sales tax, which was supposed to be deposited with the sales tax department.”

The newly-elected Uttarakhand assembly has 22 MLAs with criminal cases against them, with two of them charged with murder and dacoity, according to Association for Democratic Reforms analysis.

Out of the 70 MLAs, 22 (31%) MLAs have declared criminal cases against themselves, while during the 2012 elections, 19 (27%) MLAs had declared criminal cases against themselves.

As many as 14 (20%) MLAs have been charged with serious criminal cases. These MLAs have declared serious criminal cases, including cases related to murder, attempt to murder, dacoity, robbery and many more.

Out of 70 MLAs analysed during the Uttarakhad assembly elections in 2012, 5 (7%) MLAs had declared serious criminal cases against themselves. Two MLAs in the list had been charged with serious cases such as murder and attempt to murder.

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