The BJP has received the highest number of donations from various electoral trusts in the 2019-20 financial year. According to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), an information-gathering organization, the BJP has received the highest amount of Rs 27.75 crore. This is 9.18 per cent of the total donation.


The Congress is on the back of the BJP. The Congress has lost Rs 56 crore, or 15.6 per cent. Electoral donations were made to various political parties by all four electoral trusts. Jindal Steel Works, Apollo Tires, India Bulls, Delhi International Airport and DLF Group are among the companies that have played a key role in funding the trust.


According to reports, Jindal Steel had donated a maximum of Rs 34.10 crore to the Electoral Trust. It is followed by Apollo Tires with Rs 30 crore and India Bulls with Rs 25 crore. In addition to the company, 14 individuals donated money to such trusts. Ten people have donated Rs 2.6 crore to the Prudential Electoral Trust, while six people have donated Rs 5.5 lakh to the Small Donation Electoral Trust and four others to the Indigenous Electoral Trust for a total of Rs 1 lakh.


On the other hand, 12 other political parties, including the AAP, Samajwadi Party, JDU, JMM, Shiromani Akali Dal, Indian National Lok Dal and Rashtriya Lok Dal, jointly received Rs 25.8 crore from such trusts. As per the guidelines set by the Election Commission, it is mandatory for these trusts to provide details of donations to various political parties.


In January 2013, four such electoral trusts were formed in India. These are the Satya Electoral Trust, the Representative Electoral Trust, the People's Electoral Trust, the Progressive Electoral Trust, the Janahit Electoral Trust, the Bajaj Electoral Trust and the Janapragati Electoral Trust. Notably, the Electoral Trust is a non-profit organization. Only companies registered in India, individuals can donate to this trust.

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