Chennai, May 13: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa became richer by Rs 62 crore in the past five years.

The average asset increase for the re-contesting MLAs in Tamil Nadu Rs 4.27 crore in the past five years.

A report by the Tamil Nadu Election Watch and the Association for Democratic Reforms says that Jayalalithaa who was worth Rs 51 crore in 2011 is now worth Rs 113 crore. Jayalalithaa who is contesting from the Srirangam constituency had assets worth Rs 51,40,67,979 in 2011. In her 2016 affidavit she has declared assets worth Rs 1,13,73,38,586. This is a 121 per cent increase. Who got richer: Second on the list is Sarath Kumar of the AIDMK. In 2011 his assets Rs 27 crore and in 2016 it is 64 crore. Vijaykanth of the DMDK became richer by Rs 25 crore. In 2011 his assets were worth Rs 27 crore while in 2016 it is Rs 53 crore. Duraimurugan of the DMK is today worth Rs 29 crore. In the year 2011 he was worth Rs 9 crore. Fifth on this list is former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK leader Karunanidhi. From Rs 44 crore in 2011 his assets today are worth Rs 62 crore. Average Assets in 2011 Elections: The average assets of these 89 re-contesting MLAs fielded by various parties in 2011 were Rs 4.35 crores (Rs. 4, 35, 93, 796). Average Assets in 2016 Elections: The average assets of these 89 re-contesting MLAs in 2016 is Rs 8.63 crores (Rs. 8, 63, 46,466). Average Asset change from 2011 to 2016: The average assets of these 89 re- contesting MLAs, between the Tamil Nadu Elections of 2011 and 2016 increased by Rs. 4.27 crores (Rs. 4, 27,52,669). Percentage change in assets from 2011 to 2016 Average percentage increase in assets for these 89 re-contesting MLAs is 98%.

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