Himachal Pradesh, according to a report published by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).
The report, based on the findings of a survey conducted between October 2018 and December 2018, reveals that 63.6% voters in Himachal wanted better employment opportunities while 47.02% wanted availability of water for agriculture and 41.1% wanted better primary healthcare facilities.
The report provides an analysis of 10 most important governance issues as rated by the voters (out of the 31 listed in the questionnaire).
The three main objectives of this survey were to identify - voters' priorities on specific governance issues, ratings of the government's performance on those issues, and factors affecting voting behaviour. The survey covered approximately 2,000 respondents across all four parliamentary constituencies of Himachal Pradesh.
The voters' priorities are further examined in relation to the performance of the government on a scale of five; where good is 5, average 3 and bad 1.
The rural voters rated the government as "below average". On a scale of five, employment opportunities were rated at 2.65, availability of water for agriculture at 2.6 and primary healthcare facilities at 2.64.

For public transport and the condition of roads, rural voters rated the government's performance as "poor". They rated public transport at 2.39 and the condition of roads at 2.75, on a scale of five.
For the urban voters, the topmost priorities were better employment opportunities, quality school education and eradication of corruption. As many as 60% of the voters wanted better employment opportunities, 60% were for quality school education and 44% for the eradication of corruption. They rated the government performance in these areas as "below average". On a scale of five, employment opportunities were rated at 2.46, quality school education at 2.48 and eradication of corruption at 2.54.

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