Karnataka voters rate the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in the state highly when it comes to its performance on schools, electricity and water supply. However, when it comes to creating employment opportunities and tackling corruption, it does not fare so well, a recent survey conducted in Karnataka found. Overall, the state government scored 7.09 on a scale of 10. 

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and DAKSH, a civil society organization, conducted a survey with 13,244 interviewees across 225 Assembly constituencies in Karnataka. The survey was conducted between December 2017 and February 2018 and aims to identify which issues do the people of the state rate as the most important in view of the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections. It also asked respondents to review the performance of the state government on several important parameters. 

In rural areas, voters said the government did a good job on schools (7.58), electricity supply (7.56) and on the food distribution subsidy (7.35). On the other hand, it performed poorly on providing better employment opportunities (6.70), corruption eradication (6.67) and jobs training (6.60). Overall, rural voters rated the government’s performance with a 7.05 out of 10. For rural voters, the biggest issues are access to water supply, better schools and better roads. Whereas, the least important issues are access to the local MLA, anti-terrorism and jobs training. 

Urban voters said the government did a good job on schools (7.85), electricity supply (7.83) and public transport (7.61). They also said the government performed poorly on creating public services such as public toilets and footpaths (6.79), corruption eradication (6.77) and jobs training (6.40). For these voters, the biggest issues are access to clean water supply, better electricity supply and better schools. The least important issues for urban Karnataka are jobs training, zone regulations and anti-terrorism. 

Sixty seven percent of all voters said the political party of the candidate is important for them when they vote. Eighty six said a good candidate is important. Forty two percent said their vote will also depend on the choice of a good CM candidate, while 37% said the religion of the candidate was important and 36% said the candidate’s caste was important

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