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With the promise of social services and becoming a public representative in the Assembly or Council is turning out to be a lucrative job.

As per a report of Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Uttar Pradesh Election Watch confirmed that the assets of sitting MLAs trying to re-enter the Assembly have increased upto 22057 percent.

The ADR analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 301 re-contesting MLAs / MLCs in the 2022 UP Assembly poll. Of the 301 re-contesting MLAs/MLCs, the assets of 284 MLAs / MLCs have increased from 0 per cent to 220.57 per cent and assets of 17 MLAs / MLCs have decreased from -1 percent to -36 percent.

As per the report, the average assets of these 301 re-contesting MLAs/MLCs fielded by various parties, including Independents, in 2017 was Rs 5.68 crores. But the average asset of these 301 re-contesting MLAs/MLCs in 2022, has gone up to Rs 8.87 crores.

The average asset growth for these MLAs/MLCs, between state polls of 2017 and 2022 is Rs 3.18 crores while the average percentage growth in assets for these re-contesting leaders is 56 percent.

Top five re-contesting MLAs / MLCs with highest asset increase were Shah Alam (Guddu Jamali) of All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen from Mubarakpur seat, who declared maximum increase in assets with an increase of Rs 77.09 crores i.e from Rs 118.76 crores in

2017 to Rs. 195.85 crores in 2022 (65 percent increase).

Assets of Sahender Singh Ramala of the BJP from Chhaprauli seat have increased by Rs 46.45 crores, from Rs 38.04 crores in 2017 to Rs 84.50 crores in 2022 (122 percent increase). Assets of Praveen Patel of the BJP from Phulpur seat have risen by Rs 31.99 crores, from Rs 8.26 crores in 2017 to Rs 40.26 crores in 2022 ( a rise of 387 percent).

Surprisingly, BJP candidate from Rae Bareli Sadar, Aditi Singh's assets too increased by 220.57 percent in five years. While winning the polls in 2017 as Congress candidate, Aditi had shown her assets just of Rs 13 lakhs but in 2022 polls, her affidavit says that she has assets worth Rs 30 crores - an increase of 220.57 percent as per the ADR report.

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