The phase II of Maharashtra Municipal Council elections is scheduled on Thursday. After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came out with flying colours in the first phase of the local polls, the party would be aiming to further consolidate their dominance in the state. A total of 14 municipal councils would be contested in Pune and Latur districts. The fourteen municipal councils are constituted by a total of 324 seats. The polling would be held on December 14.

The total number of candidates in the fray is reported to be 1,184. According to a Hindustan Times report, 8 per cent of the total candidates in the fray are crorepatis. Based upon the analysis of Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Maharashtra Election Watch, 96 of the total candidates have declared their assets above rs 1 crore. The richest candidate is Raju Tukaram Bhosale, contesting from Shirur Municipal Council. He has declared total assets of Rs 16 crores, out of which Rs 15.8 crores is constituted by fixed assets.

Interestingly, the rich-poor gap is evidently on display after analysing the value of assets declared by candidates in the fray. 294 candidates have declared their total assets below Rs 2 lakhs. 51 candidates were also found with zero assets. The average assets of candidates across both Latur and Pune district is Rs 39 lakh.

In terms of demography, 390 candidates were found to be in the age bracket of 31-40, asper the analysis of ADR and Maharashtra election Watch. In the 41-50 age bracket, 298 candidates were found. From the young age group of 21 to 24, sixty three candidates are contesting. On the other hand, eight candidates are contesting from the old age group of 71-80.

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