Mizo National Front (MNF) candidate Lal Rinliana Sailo has declared his total assets rocketed to 797 percent in the past five years. Sailchos has switched over from the Congress about a month ago.

According to a report by two civil society organisations released on Thursday says that the asset of MNF candidate has jumped nearly 800 percent in the past five years.

Mizoram Election Watch (MEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)  who have been analysing the asset of contesting candidates found that Sailo has declared total assets of Rs. 3,22,85,100 in his affidavit for the forthcoming elections.

Sailo had a total assets of Rs. 36,01,219 as per the affidavit filed by him in the 2013 Assembly polls.

While the MNF leader has declared his source of income as “politician”, and his spouse is mentioned as an employee of Government of Mizoram, says the report.

Mr Sailo, a former health minister, resigned from the state Assembly on October 3 this year later joined the MNF and is contesting the Assembly poll from Chalfilh constituency.

For the 40-member Mizoram Assembly, 32 candidates from the previous contesting list are re-contesting in 2018.

Since the last assembly polls, their assets have seen an average rise of 11.56 percent at Rs. 3,57,61,158.90 as against Rs. 3,20,55,193.51 five years ago.

Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla’s total assets have increased by 33.29 percent to Rs. 12,20,19,747 in 2018 from Rs. 9,15,45,980 in 2013, the report said.

As per the report, another Congress leader R Vanlalvena’s assets also observed a jump by 133.30 percent to Rs. 67,73,320 from Rs. 29,03,257 since the last five-year period.

As per the report, another MNF candidate K Beichhua’s income raised by 128.55 percent to Rs. 3,13,77,608 compared to Rs. 1,37,29,000 five years ago.

Congress candidate Lal Thanzara’s assets, too, rose by 103.79 percent to Rs. 2,39,93,835 in 2018 from Rs. 1,17,73,796 in 2013, the report said.

However, four candidates assets reportedly saw a decline between 2013-2018.

Name and detail of candidates which saw a decline in assets are as follows:

Congress candidates:-

Ngurdingliana -assets value dipped by 66.17 percent

Zodintluanga Ralte- assets value dipped by 7.72 percent

Bhartiya Janata Party Candidate:-

Speaker Hiphei, who recently switched from Congress to the BJP, saw a decline of 52.32 percent in the same period.

Mizo National Front Candidate:-

K Sangthuama assets decline by 51.96 percent

The Congress eyeing a third consecutive term

In the 2013 Assembly elections, the Congress won 34 seats, while the MNF had five and Mizoram People’s Conference bagged one. Congress has been in power since 2008. The BJP is hoping to open its account for the first time in the state assembly.

This is the only Congress-ruled state in the entire Northeast region.

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